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Pure Exploration - Immersive Adventure Travel Experts


We believe the outdoors provides a wonderful place for people to de-stress, disconnect from daily life pressures and focus on self-growth and care.

Our world-wide program destinations have been carefully chosen to challenge and inspire, and the immersive ‘learn to self-lead’ structure of the programs provide a wonderful space to gain confidence, focus on what’s important, and even find future career paths.

Our Adventure Guide Programs are the perfect option for those looking to get into the Adventure Tourism industry. Our programs contain key networking events with industry operators and we offer work placement add-ons to participants looking to begin working with their new qualifications. In the past we have gained employment for many students directly into hiking and climbing guiding roles, ziplining, bungy jumping and much more. The sky is the limit!

Who we are

The team at Pure Exploration are everyday people, helping people have extraordinary experiences.
We think real travel isn’t just about box-ticking guidebook recommendations or Instagram shots, it’s about authentic experiences spent with new friends who inspire you to think about the world and yourself in new ways.

Core Values

We are global – We want to help young people from all around the globe to expand their knowledge and confidence, so they feel valued in our connected global society.

Authentic and Immersive – We want to break away from commercial tour-style travel and ensure all experiences are real, authentic, true to their unique locations and clients are fully immersed in the culture and experience.

Down to Earth – Our New Zealand foundings are important to us – we are real, relaxed, funny, friendly and keen to share our love for the outdoors.

Professional - We are world-leaders in adventure guiding and mentoring, fully understanding the importance of safety, technical competence, guidance and educational development.

Inspirational – We want people to feel wowed. We want people to feel challenged, scared and ultimately elated. To achieve growth sometimes there is a precipice of fear to leap off – but its always worth it. We want to provide a safe environment for that leap.

Encourage growth – We want people to leave our programs feeling like they have grown personally.
In confidence in themselves, with new skills, with global travel, with meeting new people, with whatever they choose to do next. The outdoors is merely the classroom to allow this growth – although some people will end up following guiding as a career too. unlikely!

It’s all for the people...

Our programs are about outcomes, about setting clear learning objectives, overcoming challenges and achieving them. They’re also about the journey. How the experience is just as good as the outcome - the friends along the way, the destinations, the ups and the downs that build strong people - mentally, emotionally and physically.

Our programs

We have developed a range of exciting programs that we think offer different people valuable, immersive and constructive experiences. All programs are 12 weeks in length, each with the ability to be completed one month at a time if required.
• Adventure Guide Program – New Zealand
• Adventure Guide Program – Patagonia
• Expedition Leader Program

Program outlines - how it all works

We know that 3 months may sound like a long time to some to be training and studying. But what’s great about our programs is that every week is different. Participant’s time will be split between a range of activities, to ensure they have all the technical skills and experience needed to succeed, but also enough time to chill, sleep in, visit local sights and explore, grab some gear and go practice their new skills on their own or with their course mates.

The order of these activities will change each week depending on the weather or the training the program manager has planned at the time. At the start of each week participants are fully briefed on the plan for the week ahead so they can get organised and get excited!
Yes it’s busy, but this immersion means optimal learning, constant change and growth and keeps everyone out of trouble!


  • 4 days of technical training
  • 1 day of self-directed learning
  • 1 day for group learning
  • 1 day for admin/travel day/ free day