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The Humanity Exchange

PO Box 2514 Prince George, BC Canada, V2N 2S6


Outstanding programs in Mexico, Colombia, & Africa. Unique option to learn French in Africa is ideal for anyone with ambitions to work with MSF, UN, Red Cross. Excellent career-building internships.

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Get Your Feet Wet & Volunteer

Ready to jump right in? Volunteering abroad is a life-changing experience. If it is your first time traveling in the global south, it can also be a daunting one. The Humanity Exchanges' job is to provide you with an amazing overseas experience with comprehensive support. Here’s how they do it:

Amazing Overseas Experience - They do not impose on communities. They only send volunteers when and where they are truly needed. They don't pay their partners a "per-volunteer fee."  Rather, they re-invest back into community projects in a targeted manner. Their partners receive volunteers because they truly want a helping hand and to learn from the cultural exchange, not for any other reason. This avoids the experience of a volunteer feeling like they are "being babysat." Outside of your volunteering, you will have ample time to experience your new country.

Community Work & Internships AbroadComprehensive Support - Your Exchange Manager also known as EM, is an employee of The Humanity Exchange living in-country, or a representative from your host organization. He or she is the person who sets up your placement before you arrive, greets you at the airport, and helps you get settled in to your new home. From start to finish, your EM is there to support you.


Career-Building Internships

Internships are a stepping stone to your career. Their internships in Latin America and Africa offer experience in international business, social enterprise, fair trade, journalism, community development, education, and health.  All internships enable you to gain quality work experience and benefit from outstanding on-the-job guidance.

Group of kidsWhy You Should Learn French in Africa

Do you want to work in Africa as a part of your career? Does the path you are pursuing involve international relief and development? Know this: There is a considerable shortage of French speaking professionals despite the great demand for them in African relief and development work.  The Humanity Exchange is the only established organization offering a combined option to learn French while volunteering or interning. Linguistic ability in French, complimented by on-the-ground work experience in a developing country, is an invaluable asset on your resume. Learn the skills, learn the language, and make your career in Africa happen.