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A long summer holiday with Real Gap

Real Gap Year For Grown Ups - Career Break in Thailand

A teacher puts her long summer holidays to good use in Thailand with Real Gap Year for Grown Ups

Name: Alys Nutter 
Occupation: Teacher 
Programme: Thailand Adventure

What was your motivation to take a gap break?
I am a teacher and therefore have lots of summer holidays.  I wanted to do something productive with my time off and have always wanted to visit Thailand.  I liked the idea of travelling with a group of like minded people and seeing parts of the country that you wouldn’t necessarily see if you travelled without the help of a knowledgeable Thai guide.

How did you feel before you joined the programme?
I was looking forward to the trip as I always like to visit new countries.  I also couldn’t wait to have a break from work for a while!

How did Gap Year For Grown Ups compare you with your expectations?
It met with my expectations in terms of people and places visited. I was really pleased that all the members of the trip were very friendly and everyone got along really well.

What was the accommodation like?
The accommodation in Bangkok was basic but comfortable.  The air conditioning in the rooms was a major advantage!  The Eco-house (two week stay) was set in lovely surrounding in a quiet village.  The rooms were fairly basic but clean and comfortable.  The only problem was it was extremely hot and there is no air conditioning! The fans helped a little but it was still very warm in the rooms.

The night at the spa hotel was good and the rooms were better.  There was even air conditioning which was a welcome relief to all of the group!

What did you think of the programme / did your project and destination meet your expectations?I thought the programme had an interesting itinerary and you were never bored!  The places we visited were very cultural and allowed you to see the real Thailand.

What was the most memorable moment of your trip? Any anecdotes?
There were lots of highlights to the trip.  I enjoyed The Grand Palace in Bangkok as it had wonderful architecture, colours and an interesting history.  Another great trip was to the bridge over the River Kwai which we organised between some of the group when we had some free time at the weekend.  We took the train over the bridge and in the afternoon took a motorised long boat around the river and under the bridge.

What do you feel you accomplished during your programme?
I felt I gained confidence and independence throughout my time on the trip.

How have you benefited from your experience? How have you changed?
It has made me want to travel even more!

What advice could you offer to someone considering this programme?
Travelling anywhere is a great experience and opens your eyes to new cultures.  I would recommend going with real gap as it is a safe way to travel and meet new people.