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Greenforce - Life in the Amazon Jungle

Greenforce - Life in the Amazon Jungle

Spend a gap year as a volunteer on a Greenforce Project in the Amazon.

"The days seem to be getting more and more incredible as the dryer season in the Amazon begins to set in. I am faced with the magic of the place in the late afternoon.

The River Tambopata flows lazily along and after sitting here for some time I can notice the substantial changes in colour. Now, the sky is so clear it’s impossible to imagine there is anything up there except… blue. There is an impressive orange belt running along the horizon and above the grand tops of the trees. The moon is full, sat proudly in its place and will be so bright we could have a game of football with the locals. The temperature - perfect, but soon the T-shirt will have to come on before the mosquitoes and sandflies attack.

The silver beak tanagers are doing their usual routine of flying over my head to roost in the reeds. Coming across in waves of 4 or 5 and displaying their tidy red heads and shiny beaks. The occasional hummingbird pays a visit, buzzing curiously around the flowers and me and then shoots off in a colourful blur to feed again.

A pair of magnificent scarlet macaws fly gracefully across the river and then settle on the huge capok tree squawking happily. It upsets me greatly how humans could remove these wonderful creatures from their unique habitat and then take pleasure in watching them in cramped cages repeat our speech. How foolish and thoughtless we can be.

Evening is just about to set in and a couviers toucan makes a dash for my side of the bank and rests in the near tree. He revealed his amazingly large and colourful beak then whistled his well-known sound.

Why did I decide to head to this far away land on my gap year? When I told people that I was going to the Amazon for my gap year their usual reaction was something like how much they would love to see it. We have all watched the movies and documentaries and watch in fascination all those strange creatures, huge trees and characteristic rivers and we wonder what it must be like being there. Well, fortunately I grabbed the opportunity and will never turn back.

I knew no Spanish, I didn't know the culture, little of the geography/biology or way of life but I was extremely keen to find out.

I could continue about the river, and the sunsets, sounds, trees, monkeys, leaf-cutter ants, tarantulas, beautiful butterflies, locals. The Amazon was incredible. Not just for me but anyone who has been there, trust me. Greenforce was an opportunity like no other. The camp is deep in amazon jungle and after just one month in there you will know so much just from observing it and getting to know it everyday.

If you have the Chance to join Greenforce in the Amazon - don't hesitate … grab it and GO!!!!"