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Greenforce - Marine Conservation in Fiji

Greenforce - Marine Conservation in Fiji

Join a Greenforce Marine Conservation Project in Fiji on your gap year.

"If I am truthful, I applied to do marine conservation on my Gap Year, partly as I was interested in it and it would help my Uni course, but also I wanted to learn to dive! Learning in the South Pacific seemed a better choice than my local swimming pool!

There are many gap year volunteer organisations, but my parents wanted me to go with an established one - well they were paying for my flights so I had to listen! I wanted to also meet people, make friends for life etc, so I wanted a team based one. Finally I had to be realistic on fund raising so I needed one for close to £2,000. After checking a few websites a volunteer project in Fiji with Greenforce seemed to meet all the above.

Fundraising was not easy, though I met up with Clare at the training day in London and did a sponsored swim. However once I arrived after 28 hours of flying - killer! Living as a volunteer on your own South Pacific desert island, a grass house under the palm trees, plus after a couple of weeks we were all thinner and tanned!

As for volunteer marine conservation, well, it was the first time I have learnt something that I have really enjoyed learning! It is vital work at Greenforce and now I am looking to change my course. It was more than worth it - Best experience I have had in my life, just so-o-o miss it now I am back!!"