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PGL - Working as an Activity Instructor in Dorset

PGL - Working as an Activity Instructor in Dorset

Tom Caines found working at PGL Osmington Bay in Dorset made his gap year memorable

Tom decided to work for PGL after he had visited some friends in France who were working for the company and having a good time. Tom spent the first part of his gap year travelling for six months, including skiing in Kitzbuhel (Austria) and working in a chalet, then making his way through Africa, the Greek Islands and Australia.

Tom applied to PGL and was offered a job as an Activity Instructor/Group Leader. Arriving at PGL’s residential activity holiday centre in Dorset for the season, he found himself interacting with a greater variety of people than ever before, both guests and staff, coming from all walks of life.

Tom says: "Working at PGL has definitely expanded my outlook. I’ve gained a massive sense of maturity. I have looked after large groups of guests; one of my best memories would be when I looked after children who arrived independently, not with their school. It’s great to get to know each of the guests, looking after them before and after their activity session. It was stressful but one of the best weeks I have had here. Through this, I gained a massive respect for my own childhood.

"I have also taken on a better work ethic, social skills and the ability to get on with a greater number of people. Through school and also whilst travelling, I was with the same group of friends but here at PGL I‘ve met people who I wouldn’t previously have hung out with, and got to know them for who they are. I’ve become more aware of other people. Previously I think I could have come across as cocky and overpower people with my confidence.

"This is like no other job; we do work long hours but have so much fun! The social life is wicked. There is a great support network here and I would like to return in the future."

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