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TrekAmerica - seeing the real America

TrekAmerica - seeing the real America

Andrew Johns spent his gap year as a camp counsellor in the USA. As it was his first time to America he then wanted to take full advantage of seeing the “real America”.

“Camp was amazing! It was so much better than the gap year summer jobs my friends were working. I got to experience American culture on so many different levels from the kids at camp and the American counsellors who’ve become such great friends.”

“A few of the other counsellors and I went ‘road tripping’ for about 10 days, then they all had to go back to Uni. It was fantastic to be able to stay in their homes and see a bit more of American life. When they had to go back to school, I kept travelling as I had booked myself onto a tour with TrekAmerica.”

“I went on the ‘Southern Sun’ tour which is three weeks long and takes you all the way across the US. I was a bit nervous to be travelling by myself with a bunch of people I didn’t know, but most everyone else on the tour was travelling alone too. Everyone was about my age and a few had worked at other camps, so we had something in common immediately. It was fantastic to have people from all over the world to travel with me, and still was like being on a road trip with my friends from camp.”

“I was amazed at how much I had a chance to do and see. We saw New York, Washington D.C., New Orleans, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. Plus, white water rafting, horse back riding, stayed overnight with the Navajo Indians and at a real cowboy camp. I didn’t know I could do so much during just one trip.”

“Travelling with TrekAmerica was the perfect end to an awesome summer! And now I’ve come home with more stories, experiences, photos, and friends than I ever thought I would.”