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Working (and Playing!) Hard Down Under

BUNAC - Working in Australia

Rachel graduated and joined BUNAC Work Australia, working and playing hard down under!

Rachel graduated from university and joined BUNAC Work Australia for a gap year working and playing hard down under....read about her experiences.

I had just graduated and wanted to take a gap year. A friend of mine had been away through BUNAC before so she recommended them to me. I was a bit scared of going by myself so the Work Australia programme was perfect as I could travel with other BUNACers and get all the support and help I needed for my trip. Taking the group flight was definitely the best choice I ever made!

My first job was doing housekeeping in a hotel. I was really lucky and got this through an advert on a hostel notice board. As the hotel was part of a chain, I managed to get a transfer to another hotel in a different location after a few months which meant that I had another job to go to after doing some travelling. Although the housekeeping work was not glamorous, I was working with great people and we had lots of fun. The best part was that the work was mainly in the mornings so we had time to enjoy the beach in the afternoons!

I also worked in a muffin shop and did some office temping while I was there. Office work is great if you have some experience, and it is pretty easy to get if you sign up with temping agencies. Working in an office also allowed me to live like a normal person with regular working hours and mix with the locals more.

I lived in a few different places - I shared a room in a hostel with my friend for a few months. We paid a weekly rate which made things a bit cheaper. In another place I lived in a shared house with other international students and backpackers. Also, one of my hotel jobs provided accommodation for its employees for a really good rate so I was able to stay there and save loads of money! We got food included too which was a bonus!

I travelled everywhere in Australia during my 12 months, and then went over to New Zealand for a few weeks. I mainly did backpacker tours to get around as you get to see so many places and meet loads of people. Most people on Work Australia do this so there were loads of people to travel with. I then flew back via Singapore for a few days shopping and relaxing! Most people stop on the way home in places like Fiji, LA and other places in Asia and the BUNAC homeward flights make this really easy.