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Getting Around Africa

Organised Schemes and Tours

There are many tours of Africa which you can book yourself on such as the safari tours that take place on a daily basis. These tours often need to be purchased as part of a package and are a good idea if you are looking for a hassle free tour organised for you. Some of the tours also come with accommodation and food included in the price, so depending on the type of experience you want there will be a tour that suits.

Public Coach or Bus

Depending which country you are in there will be public transport available and there will be many buses that can be taken to different areas. Taking public transport is a great way in Africa to meet the friendly locals who are only too happy to help visitors and travellers to their country. The buses are comfortable and safe but in more isolated locations older buses are prone to breakdown and can be overcrowded.


It is not advised that you hitchhike even though many travellers tend to use this method to get from one location to the next. If you want to hitchhike then use common sense and make sure that you do so with a friend and that you never do it alone.


Hiring and driving a car is more expensive that all the above methods of transport but they are a great way to see the country as long as you plan in advance all the places you want to see and your route.