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Top Things To Do in Cambodia

1. Visit the Angkor Wat Temples

The Angkor Wat temples are a World Heritage site and are made up of an elaborate temple complex. It is considered a Hindu religious site and was the former capital of the ancient Khmer Empire. It is the most iconic site in Cambodia and a must-see for any traveller or backpacker.

2. Take a Cruise on the Mekong River

It is worthwhile taking a cruise along the Mekong River as you are able to see the beautiful country and landscape of both Thailand and Laos. We recommend taking a sunset cruise as this will ensure a picturesque and calming experience that should be savoured.

3. Ride an Elephant

No trip to Cambodia would be complete without a ride on an elephant! Many different rides are available, so why not take a whole day trekking through the Cambodian forest on an elephant? This is a unique experience you won’t forget… many rides include stops at stunning locations including waterfalls where you can help wash the elephant and keep your ride cool!

4. Watch a traditional Khmer Kickboxing Match

See some traditional Cambodian sport and watch a kickboxing match.

5. Visit the Royal Palace

Visit the Royal Palace located in Phnom Penh, residence of the King and the symbol of the Kingdom. It is worth visiting this impressive building to wonder at its stature.