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Top Things To Do in Vietnam

1. Visit Dalat

Dalat is a tribal village where you can see some of the hill tribes including the Chicken Village where there is a huge statute of a chicken!

2. Take a Boat Trip along Halong Bay

Halong Bay is an area of outstanding beauty in Vietnam and by taking a boat trip here you will be able to see limestone rock formations, cliffs, grottos, arches and caves. Why not hire a kayak while here and see the natural beauty up close?

3. Visit Ho Chi Minh City and Take a History Tour

Take a trip to Ho Chi Minh City for a taste of diversity such as huge skyscrapers next to rundown buildings. It is also recommended that you take a historical tour and you will see some of the sights from the Vietnam War such as a network of tunnels where attacks were launched on the US. The tunnels have now been widened for Westerners! So scramble through them for an intriguing insight into war.