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Getting Around Asia

The great thing about travelling in Asia is that it is relatively cheap to do. Some general advice on getting around includes:

  • Make sure you make the most of public transport as buses and trains are very reliable, flexible and great value for money.

  • Consider renting a bicycle when in a town as these are very cheap to rent and a great way to see the city and areas you may not otherwise experience (although, don’t stray too far and stick to the main roads/tracks).

  • If you want to travel around yourself why not hire or buy a scooter? They are a great way of getting around and give you flexibility and freedom.

  • Don’t take a tuk-tuk for a long distance journey that you may want to take as they are more expensive than any other form of transport. If you do take a tuk-tuk make sure that you get a price up-front for the journey.