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Money and Tax Advice for Asia


As you would expect there are many different currencies in Asia, these include the Chinese yuan, Hong Kong dollar, Taiwan dollar, Japanese yen and South Korean won.

In Cambodia the currency is the Riel, however many Cambodians will also use the US dollar as well as the Riel. In Thailand the currency is the Baht and in Vietnam it is the Dong.


Opening a bank account in places like Thailand can be relatively straight forward as long as you have the appropriate documentation available. The type of documentation will vary from bank to bank, so it is important that you check what the bank requires before you try and open an account. It is a lot simpler to set-up an account if you have a valid work visa and this can speed up the process of getting you an account. If you do not have a work visa then you will require a letter of recommendation from your embassy as well as your passport.

The best way to access your money in Asia is via ATM machines which can be found in the larger towns and cities. If you need to visit a bank they are generally open from 8:30am to 3:30pm from Monday to Friday.