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Travel Advice and Health Information for Asia

Travel Safety

If you want to take a gap year in Asia you need to realise that Asia is very different to other gap year destinations; specifically westernised ones such as Europe, Canada and the USA. This is because of different cultural and traditional beliefs.  Therefore, it is important that when travelling in any Asian country that you show respect of their culture at all times. Also, remember that many countries are less tolerant of bad behaviour and any indiscretions, however minor you feel they are, could result in you getting in trouble.

Other travel advice for travellers going to Asia includes:

  • Watch your luggage - many Asian countries have zero tolerance so make sure that you don’t have anything illegal in your bags. Also, never leave your bags unattended as you may be the victim of someone putting something in your luggage. If you want to be extra vigilant then use a lock on your bag!

  • Read-up beforehand about the country – Don’t be ignorant when you travel. Make sure you have read about the country’s culture that you are visiting as it could help you integrate with locals and ensure that you know about the culture. It will also mean that you are less likely to make a faux pas and do something that is considered a big no-no!

  • Don’t take part in gambling – In many South Asian countries gambling is illegal so make sure you don’t take part in any gambling activity. This includes poker games to betting on sport matches.


Before you travel to Asia it is important to see your doctor and get the recommended jabs before you travel to ensure that you stay healthy and well during your travels. Also, when in Asia you should:

  • Take food and water precautions -  make sure that any tap water than you drink has been boiled or filtered beforehand as contaminated drinking water can be an issue in Asian countries and especially around flood times. It is recommended that you peel fruit before eating it, never eat undercooked meat and don’t eat buffet food that has been left out.

  • Remember to protect against insects – Insect bites can be quite nasty especially bites from mosquitoes and ticks, so take precautions to ensure against bites and unplanned trips to the hospitals. To avoid being bitten by insects then wear long sleeves, trousers as well as keeping your shoes on and wearing a hat.

  • Watch out for air pollution – Places such as Bangkok suffer from bad air pollution, so try to avoid pollution when it is at its peak and drink plenty of water to help against any potential dangers.

As with all travel, make sure that you have adequate travel insurance and cover so that it covers you for any medical expenses you may incur when abroad.


There are many embassies in Asia. Before you travel to a country or should you need to find an embassy when in Asia while, then go online and visit the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website where you can find a whole list of embassies by country.

The British embassy can be found at:

  • 14 Wireless Rd, Lumpini, Patumwan, Bkk 10330

    • Tel: 305 8333 (Main Embassy line), 253 0191