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Top Things To Do in Melbourne

1. See the Melbourne Aquarium

Melbourne Aquarium is a great day out for those interested in marine animals and conservation. This aquarium has been divided into four worlds for exploration and offers visitors the opportunity to ‘take the plunge’ and swim with sharks!

2. Go to the National Gallery of Victoria

The National Gallery of Victoria is the oldest public art gallery in Australia. This is the place to visit if you are interested in viewing over 60,000 pieces of art from ancient to modern from the Eastern and Western hemispheres.

3. Take a trip to the high country for the snow (June to September)

The snow season in the high country of Melbourne last from June to approximately the end of September. If you are a keen skier or interested in trying skiing in a country where you probably didn’t expect to experience snow, then visit the high country to test out the facilities that this winter sport area has to offer.

4. Browse the Queen Victoria Market

This market has been taking place in Melbourne for the last 130 years and is considered by many to be the premier open-air market of its kind. The bustling, vibrant and cosmopolitan market needs to be savoured and enjoyed as you can spend your time looking at the variety of goods for sale.

5. Check out the Victoria Arts Centre

The Victoria Arts Centre is a cultural venue for those who are interested in performing arts. The building is also an impressive sight to behold and has a spire which is over 150 metres in heights. A visit to the Arts Centre is fully recommended and if performances aren’t your cup of tea then take a guided tour for an insight into this renowned centre.

6. Explore the wineries of the Yarra Valley

The Yarra Valley wine region is home to Victorian wine and is a must visit place to experience stunning scenery as well as over 70 wineries! There is no better to place to sip on a glass of wine than in this beautiful country location. A visit to Yarra Valley also has many outstanding restaurants where masterpieces from local produce are created and must be tasted before you leave.

7. Visit the Dandenong Ranges for the rainforests

The Dandenong Ranges are low mountains and are considered to be a hidden gem that should be explored by those wanting to experience all that Melbourne has to offer. So, whether an adventurer or nature-lover these ranges offer something for all.

8. See the penguin parade at Philip Island

If you are looking for an unique sight that will be hard to experience elsewhere then visit one of Australia’s most popular wildlife attraction, the Philip Island Penguin Parade. This parade starts at sunset and gives you the opportunity to watch penguins emerge from the sea and head across the sand to the sand dunes. These penguins are the smallest penguins in the world, so will make even the toughest of hearts melt!

And if you are into Sport

  • AFL Season (July-September)
  • The Grand Prix (February-March)
  • Australian Tennis Open (January)
  • The Melbourne Cup (November)