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Top Things To Do in Perth

1. Visit Scarborough Beach

Scarborough Beach in Perth is considered one of the best white sand and surf beaches not only in Australia but in the world. If you aren’t a surfer then sit back and watch others catch the waves or there are plenty of other activities on offer including swimming, fishing, cycling, sailing as well as places to eat and drink.

2. Spend time in Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Set in over 1000 acres of land, Kings Park and Botanic Garden is a popular destination for visitors to Perth as it is a place where unique parkland and bushland can be experienced. The tranquil park also gives you an opportunity to chill out or watch one of the many events that are held in the park throughout the year.

3. Go to Adventure World

Adventure World is an amusement park and is the place to go if you like an adrenaline rush! Home to over 30 rides and waterslides including the aptly named ‘Tunnel of Terror’, ‘Power Surge’ and ‘Freefall’ this is the place to come to for a fun day out.

4. Take a trip to Fremantle

Fremantle is a picturesque city that is located on the mouth of the Swan River in Western Australia. Its location is also set in a series of limescale hills and the area has a great Mediterranean climate. This is an ideal place to explore the coastal areas near the River and to enjoy the sunshine in an ideal setting.

5. Check out the bars, clubs and cafes of Northbridge

Northbridge is considered as Perth’s entertainment district and as such is home to some of the best bar, clubs and cafes you will experience in Australia. It is also home to the largest collection of restaurants. A trip here day or night is fully recommended.

6. Take a ferry to Rottnest Island

Situated off the Perth coast is Rottnest Island which is the ideal spot for getting away and enjoying the sun, sea and sand. The Island is especially perfect for those who like diving, snorkelling and cycling.