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Keeping In Touch in Australia


Internet Access

Most hostels in Australia will have Internet facilities and access in public libraries is free. Public Internet facilities are much more common in Australia than they are in the UK and are cheap too so remember there’s no excuse not to keep in touch!

Mobile Phones

Buying a pay as you go mobile phone can be very important if you are waiting to hear from Australian employers or agencies about interviews and work opportunities. Remember that the cost of using your own mobile phone on roaming whilst travelling will be higher than if you get a pay as you go handset when you arrive.


If you want to use a landline you can buy a phonecard and call home from any payphone. Additional information on phonecards can be found on websites such as www.iscard.com.

Australia Area Codes

It is important when travelling to know the Australian area codes as well as information on the International Operator number and Emergency number. Why not print out a list of the area codes in advance from the details below.

  • To call Oz from abroad dial 0061 + area code (drop the zero) + number.
  • Area Codes: Brisbane 07, Melbourne 03, Perth 08, Sydney 02, Byron Bay 02, Geelong 03, Cairns 07, Gold Coast 07, Bunbury 08, Adelaide 08, Barossa Valley 08, Darwin 08, Alice Springs 08, Canberra 02, Hobart 03
  • To call the UK from Oz dial 0044 + area code (without the first 0)+ number.
  • To call Ireland from Oz dial 00353 + area code (without the first 0)+ number.
  • To call Canada from Oz dial 001 + the 10 digit number.
  • International Operator 1225.
  • Operator 013 for a number in an area you are currently in.
  • 0175 for a number somewhere else in Australia.
  • Emergency Services 000.
  • Medicare Information Service 13 2011

Peak call times are between 7am to 7pm Mon-Fri, standard rate calls are between 7pm to 7am and weekends.