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City Guides to Europe


AmsterdamIt’s not just all about canals and cannabis in Amsterdam – it’s a great city that has got plenty to offer so you want to spend a bit more than just a weekend there. There’s plenty of work to be had and a great nightlife that is cutting edge without being too pretentious The city is an inventive and fun place to be, a place with great beer and where the bike is king - get away from the tourists and discover a great place to spend your gap year!

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BarcelonaSpain’s most cosmopolitan city is a capital – the capital of Catalonia and a cultural capital that easily rivals Madrid for art, architecture and a vibrant nightlife. Barcelona is a sensational city to spend time in – work and live here, and fill your free time visiting the world’s best galleries, museums, bars, restaurants - and football team!

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DublinEverybody knows about the Guinness, the blarney and the craic, but there’s much more to the great city than the stereotypes. It’s a cultural capital that has spawned writers and musicians who have been inspired by its cosmopolitan and open-minded atmosphere, its liveliness and its freshness. And the Guinness is great too…

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ParisLiving and working in Paris is a dream for many people and everybody knows its reputation for artistic and cultural excellence. But it’s also just a great place to be – a place where you’ll just have to pinch yourself sometimes to make sure it’s all real!

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IbizaEverybody knows why people go to Ibiza - for the nightlife, the hedonism, the sublime and the ridiculous. That’s what its famous for right? Well yes, but there are other reasons why so many tourists throng there every year. For one thing the climate is heavenly, mild in winter and hot in summer. The beaches are white, the sea is blue and inland the countryside is beautiful. The north part of the island is relatively undiscovered, relative that is to the resort of San Antonio/Sant Antoni, a tourist mecca. And yes, the clubs are great…

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