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Top Things To Do in Wellington

1. Visit Te Papa

Te Papa is New Zealand’s national museum and means ‘Our Place’ in Maori. Visitors to the museum can see a collection of art, history, Maori and national environment collections and exhibitions.

2. Take a Free Tour of Wellington’s Historic Buildings

New Zealand has many historic buildings and you can take a tour of these yourself by buying a map and walking between buildings or taking a bus. Historic buildings of interest include the New Zealand Parliament which includes the famous ‘Beehive’ building which is the name for the Executive Wing.

3. Take the Cable Car through the Botanic Gardens

For an impressive view of Wellington’s Botanic Gardens then take a cable car trip over the gardens and then visit the gardens themselves as entry is free. These lush gardens take up 25 hectares and are home to many unique and native plants and trees including conifers.

4. Visit the New Zealand Portrait Gallery

The National Portrait Gallery is a great place to see an array of different art. If you don’t think that art is your cup of tea then you should try this gallery. This is because not only is it home to paintings and sculptures but also to a fascinating collection of caricatures and photographs to ignite your interest.

5. Visit the Zoo

Although not the biggest zoo, Wellington Zoo is considered one of the most personal little zoo’s as they allow you to get closer to the animals. With the zoo’s ethos being a place of fun while teaching visitors to have a respect for the natural world, you will leave this magical place newly inspired for animals and conservation.