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Keeping In Touch in New Zealand


Internet Access

Perhaps because of its remote location, New Zealand was one of the first places to catch on to the international communications potential of the internet. As a result, most public libraries provide internet access, and there are many café’s where you can send email or surf the net.

Mobile Phones

Buying a prepaid mobile phone in New Zealand will help you to be contactable for employers. If you are serious about working and staying in one place for any period of time, try and budget for a phone.

New Zealand Phone Numbers and Codes

Don’t forget to take a list of useful phone numbers and codes with you when you visit New Zealand to help you out. Why not print out a list of phone numbers and codes in New Zealand which can be found below.

  • To call New Zealand from abroad dial 0064 +area code (minus zero)+number.
  • To call the UK & Northern Ireland from New Zealand dial 0044 +area code (minus zero)+number.
  • To call the Republic of Ireland from New Zealand dial 00353 +area code (minus zero)+number.
  • To call the Canada from New Zealand dial 001+area code (minus zero)+number.
  • New Zealand Z directory enquiries 018.
  • New Zealand international directory enquiries 0172.
  • In an emergency dial 111.