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Money and Tax Advice for New Zealand

Exchange Rates

The New Zealand Dollar is currently performing as follows:

  • 1 US Dollar = 1.33855 NZD Dollar
  • 1 British Pound = 2.10146 NZD Dollar
  • 1 Euro = 1.24218 NZD Dollar
  • 1 Australian Dollar = 0.770521 NZD Dollar

The exchange rates are correct as at May 2012 but they do change


If you stay in New Zealand for more than 183 days in any 12 month period your earnings will be taxable. Before you start work in New Zealand you will need to get an IRD, or tax number. To do this you should call: 0800 227 774 when you arrive in the country. Leave an address, and the tax office sends you the forms. Simply complete the forms and return with a photocopy of your passport, and your IRD number should be with you within five working days. To find out more visit the New Zealand Inland Revenue website -

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