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City Guide to Miami

Why Miami?Miami

There's a bit more to Miami and Florida than Don Johnson, Miami Vice, cheesy Hawaiian shirts and Disneyland. Miami's location has made it a meeting point for many cultures and the city's multicultural nature makes for a great mix of food, music and entertainment. It’s known for its lively bars, clubs and spectacular nightlife. The city's artistic and cultural scene is also growing fast and there is always something to go and see or do. The city is famous for its beaches and tropical feel.

Fact about Miami

  • Miami is the biggest port in the world for cruise ships.
  • Miami’s South Beach is home to the celebrity owned restaurants of Casa Salsa (Ricky Martin) and Lario's (Gloria Estefan).

Plan Your Gap Year to Miami

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Top Things To Do

Top Things To Do in Miami


Accommodation in Miami

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