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USA Gap Year Destination Guide

MiamiDo you feel like you already know the United States of America even if you haven’t been there? Let’s face it, American culture is everywhere we turn. Your view of the US might come from what you see in films or from McDonald's and Starbuck's or the music you listen to. America has sold itself, its image and its products more successfully than any other country in the world. You’ll either love it or hate it.

Gap Years in the USA

Whether you fancy hiking and skiing in the Rockies or dodging rattlesnakes in the deserts of Nevada, chilling on the beach in Hawaii or taking in a Broadway show in New York, watching great live Blues in St Louis or paying homage to The King at Graceland, America will inspire you to get out there and experience it all for yourself.

But before you can start planning any paid work in the US, you need to be aware of America's awkward visa situation. The reality is that you really need to get a sponsoring agency, like BUNAC, to do it for you.

If you want to find out more about jobs in the USA and the type of work available on a gap year then visit our dedicated gap year jobs in USA section.

Taking A Gap Year in the USA

Why not take a look at the companies that are listed below as they can help you further with taking a gap year in the USA. This is an opportunity for you to get an insight into how specialist companies can turn your working holiday into the trip of a lifetime.


Companies that can help you find gap work in the USA



From summer camps all over the USA to professional internships in your future career field, our opportunities in the USA are incredible and endless.

Find out more Visit their website

EA Ski & Snowboard

EA Ski & Snowboard

With 29 world class resorts to choose from EA Ski & Snowboard Training are offering you the chance to join our paid ski or snowboard instructor internships where you will receive a guaranteed job offer, full training & certifications. If you’ve been thinking about a gap year in the mountains, a career break, or struggling to get into the ski industry, we have a program to suit you. Click ‘visit our website’ to download our instructor starter guide and learn more about how you can get paid to ski this winter. 

Find out more Visit their website

Trek America

Trek America

With year round departures and over 50 unique “road trips” from 3 to 64 days, TrekAmerica guarantees you the freedom of the open road and the adventure of a lifetime!

Find out more Visit their website


Useful Advice and Information on Travelling in the USA

We have put together general information about taking a gap year in the US to ensure that you can make the most of a working holiday there. Information includes:

City Guides to the US

City Guides to the USA

Read our city guides to New York, San Francisco and Miami and find out about the city, accommodation, what to do in an emergency and top things to do.

AccommodationAccommodation in the USA

Finding your perfect hostel or hotel in the USA is easy and cheap backpacker accommodation doesn’t have to be the budget option.

Getting Around

Getting Around the USA

The United States is massive and there are many ways in which you can explore and see the country from organised schemes and tours to driving yourself around. Read our guide on the different modes of transport available to you when visiting America.


Flights to the USA

Flights to America are plentiful. Read our guide on finding the best deals to get to America.

Top Things To Do

Top Things To Do in the USA

There are so many things to do in America that the choices are mind-boggling! However, we have narrowed this down to 5 must-do things to do in the US.

We also have information on: