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Responsible Service Of Alcohol Certificate

What Is The Responsible Service Of Alcohol (RSA) Certificate?

The Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate is a mandatory requirement for anyone wanting to work in licensed premises in Australia. This includes hotels, bars, clubs and restaurants. Basically, if you are around alcohol, you need to get this certificate.

Why Is It A Requirement To Get A RSA Certificate?

The course basically shows you how to deal with drunk or difficult customers safely, units of measurement, how to tell if a customer is too drunk to serve (it is against the law to serve someone alcohol if they are already drunk) and other aspects of safely selling and serving alcohol.


Responsible Service Of Alcohol

Quality Hospitality International

Quality Hospitality International

Quality Hospitality International is a online training company offering hospitality courses such as Responsible service of Alcohol, Responsible service of Gambling and Food Hygiene. These courses are mandatory in Most Australian states.

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Online Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training that will save you time and money! On course completion, immediately print your certificate.

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Do I Need Any Qualifications To Do The Course?

The content of the course is straightforward, you don't need any previous experience or qualifications to do it, so don't stress about "passing" or "failing", its simply a procedure that you need to go through to meet the legal requirements.

How Long Does It Take To Do The Course?

In New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria, you can't do an online RSA course, you have to actually be there. Most courses will take place in a college, office or bar environment and will take half a day to a day to complete. Other states accept certification from approved online course providers, which take around 3 hours to complete.

Why Do Different States Have Different Requirements?

Depending on where you want to work, you can choose a regional course like the ones provided by NSW or Victoria, or the national course, which is accepted in most other states. Confusingly, if you get a certificate for a regional course, you cannot use it outside of that region, and NSW, Victoria and Queensland require you to either have the national qualification and then do a "top up" course for their region (which can be done online in the case of Victoria) or to redo the course for their state.

How Much Does A RSA Certificate Cost?

Prices vary according to the costs of the course provider and the fixed state cost. The NSW fancy photocard version for example costs $70 AUD for the photocard, and then whatever the course provider charges on top. You should budget anything from $40 AUD to $120 AUD to be on the safe side.

What Do I Get At The End Of It?

At the end of it you receive a certificate which you can show employers to prove that you have completed the course. This system has been open to abuse in the past, and New South Wales has introduced a new more stringent photocard application, and a central database of everyone who completes the course. So in NSW, you will have to complete the course, get your certificate, then apply in an Australia Post outlet for the full photocard proof of your RSA qualification.

Who Can I Do The Course With?

There are many course providers out there, offering online courses which you can do from home and on site courses you do when you arrive in Oz. You should always check with the course provider that they are an approved provider of the RSA course, and exactly where their certificate entitles you to work. Shop around for the most competitive courses on and offline, but again, we stress that you need to check that the providers are approved by the state and that the courses will allow you to find working holiday jobs in the locations in which you want to work.

Is A RSA Certificate Worth The Hassle?

Yes. It is a legal requirement for one thing, and for another, it gives you some kudos when you are looking for temporary hospitality jobs in Australia on your gap year. Having it could just give you the edge over other travellers going for the same job.