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Sponsoring Agencies in Australia

Arriving in Australia without any definite plans can be quite daunting especially when it is so far away from home and such a huge country. If you are a bit wary of going it alone, you may prefer to enrol on an organised working holiday in Australia. There are various organisations which provide such schemes and one of the best known ones is BUNAC’s Work Australia programme.

 BUNAC is a non-profit organisation which arranges work and travel programmes for students and young people to various countries. The Work Australia programme allows participants to take any job, anywhere in Australia. The programme goes beyond the existing Australian Government Working Holidaymaker scheme by providing BUNAC’s back-up help and support both before departure and throughout your stay through BUNAC’s subsidiary IEP. IEP takes care of you on arrival, providing support, accommodation during arrival and orientation, as well as job and travel hints and ‘on-the-spot’ assistance when needed. The group flight departures also provide the ideal opportunity to meet with fellow participants.

Case Study: Working With A Sponsoring Agency

Emma Yates spent her gap year as a participant on BUNAC’s Work Australia programme.

“I set off on BUNAC’s Work Australia programme with visions of a world of sun and surf. Australia was certainly this but also a whole lot more. The diversity and sheer vastness of this country is nothing less than incredible. My adventure began with 40 other BUNACers, eight of whom were to be my flatmates in Sydney for the following three months. After a few days, nine of us moved into a luxury apartment near Darling Harbour and by then I’d also found work as a waitress at the harbour. I spent the next nine months travelling through every state and territory, working to earn money as I went along. Some of my favourite memories are doing voluntary work out in the Australian bush of the Northern Territories in a place called Rum Jungle. I’d never pictured myself shovelling manure on an organic farm in the blistering heat but watching the most amazing sunsets from our roof at the end of the day with a glass of ice cold beer in hand more than made up for it! My other good memories were spotting my first kangaroo, going to an Aussie Rules football game, learning to surf and sleeping out in ‘swags’ under the stars even though we did get rained on! In fact no two days on the road were ever the same. From the exciting cities of Sydney and Melbourne, the rainforests and mountains of Tasmania and the deep red soil of the Australian outback – this is a country where you can find it all.”