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Gap Work Options in Australia

Thousands of backpackers head to Australia every year in search of sun, sand, sea and…work. Whether it’s temp work in an office or seasonal work picking fruit or shearing sheep on a farm in the Outback, there’s a huge variety of jobs you can do. It can be hard though to know where to start. We've gathered together the most up-to-date information and tried to explain the work options open to backpackers and travellers.

Office Work AustraliaOffice Work in Australia

There are many office vacancies for those looking to work in a company and office environment. First impressions count in Australia so make sure you pack some smart clothes for both job interviews and your working day.

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Hospitality Work AustraliaHospitality Work in Australia

Hospitality jobs in Australia are a great way in which you can earn extra income and there are always job opportunities in this industry. Staff are often required on a seasonal basis which could work out perfect with your travelling plans.

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Perth Hospital, AustraliaNursing Jobs in Australia

To work as a nurse in Australia you will need to ensure that you understand and apply to the appropriate authority in the state or territory you want to work in. You should often do this before you arrive in Australia to ensure no delays in starting work.

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Teaching Jobs AustraliaTeaching Jobs in Australia

There are different rules and regulations regarding teaching depending which state or territory you are travelling in. You should ensure you understand what you need to do to be able to work as a teacher before you get to Australia.

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Harvest Work AustraliaHarvest Work in Australia

There are so many harvest job opportunities in Australia. Harvest work such as fruit picking is also a great way of meeting new people and becoming part of an important industry in the country.

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Ski Work in AustraliaSki Work in Australia

You may be surprise to learn that you can work in a ski resort in Australia but there are plenty with New South Wales and Victoria having the most. Therefore, if you want to work in a ski resort in the winter months and hit the beach in the summer, Australia provides the best of both worlds.

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InternshipsInternships in Australia

An internship or work placement is an ideal way to build your skill base and experience. If you are considering your career after your gap year then an internship can help you impress future employers as you have not only travelled but also worked in different business environments in other countries.

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Sporting Gap Years AustraliaSporting Gap Year in Australia

If you have a love of sport then a sporting gap year could be the ideal way to travel and see the world. Everyone would love to do something that they enjoy, so why not try and achieve this and use sport as the basis of your year out?

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Resort Jobs AustraliaResort Work in Australia

Resort work means working in the resort accommodation, bar and restaurant or being a rep. Working in a resort is a great way to enjoy a resort lifestyle as well as meeting different people from all over the world.

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