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Internships in Australia

An internship (the Australian word for a work experience placement) is a great opportunity for you to use your gap year to build on your skills and experience in a way that will be vitally useful when you finish your formal education and enter the world of work. Employers aren’t that impressed now by people who say they have just been “travelling” in their gap year – doing an internship will show them that  you’re skilled, experienced and mature enough to cope in a business environment.

The best way to organise a work placement is to arrange it through an organisation. They’ll support you from application through to the end of your placement, which can make things a lot easier. It can be a daunting experience – starting a new job is stressful enough, so imagine doing it in another country! They’ll place you with companies that match your requirements, and ensure that you are looked after every step of the way throughout your placement.

You’ll most probably be placed with other interns, so you won’t feel completely on your own, and you’ll work in a company in an industry that is matched to your academic or professional development. This means that if you want to be a radio presenter and you’re planning to study journalism at uni, then you could spend time at an Australian radio station learning the ropes. The focus is very much on industry training, and on helping to prepare you for your professional life.