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Tax Guide to Working in Europe

European Tax Guide - How You Are Taxed in Europe

Within this section the following country guide to tax is detailed:

Tax in The Netherlands

Your employer will be responsible for deducting tax from your earnings, but it is up to you to get your social security and tax number (SOFI number) from the tax office.

Tax office Kingsfordweg 1 - 020 687 7777

Tax in Germany

Get your “Steuerkarte” (tax card) from the town hall. Your employer will take it from you and tax will be deducted from your wages.

Tax in Ireland

Your employer should deduct income tax and social insurance contributions from your wages. For levels of taxation and more information speak to:

Tax Office 9-15 Upper O’Connell Street - 01 865 5000

Tax in the UK

If you are resident in the UK for six months or more during the tax year then you are counted as resident for tax purposes. You will also need a National Insurance Number which you get from HMRC.