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Gap Work Option in New Zealand

New Zealand is roughly the same size as the UK and is renowned for its stunning scenery and areas of untouched beauty. It is therefore little wonder that it is an ideal backpacker and traveller location.

There are many work opportunities for travellers with the most popular jobs being:

Office WorkOffice Work in New Zealand

You will find many recruitment agencies in New Zealand that can help you find office work during your working holiday in New Zealand. It is worthwhile planning ahead and contacting some agencies before you leave to see the type of office work they have available.

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Hospitality Jobs In New ZealandHospitality and Tourism Work in New Zealand

Taking a job opportunity in hospitality and tourism in New Zealand is the perfect role for travellers and backpackers who are looking for a more social job experience. There will be plenty of bar and waiting work available which can help you meet the locals as well as fellow travellers.

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Ski Work CanadaSki Work in New Zealand

There is no better job opportunity for those travellers who love skiing and snowboarding than finding work at one of New Zealand’s many ski resorts. The ski season runs from June to October in New Zealand which gives you plenty of opportunity to find work as well as enjoy the slopes.

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Harvesting Jobs In New ZealandHarvesting Work in New Zealand

Harvesting jobs in New Zealand give you the chance to work on farms and work with the animals. You can also learn a trade while you are there including sheep shearing and cattle herding.

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Wellington HospitalNursing Jobs in New Zealand

If you are a trained nurse and looking to work as one when you are in New Zealand you will need to ensure that your practising certificate is up-to-date which means you will need to be registered as a qualified nurse. Then you just need to join the register of nurses for New Zealand.

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Teaching In New ZealandTeaching in New Zealand

If you are a teacher and looking to teach while abroad then teaching in New Zealand is ideal. In some secondary schools there is a shortage of teachers which means that there may be many job opportunities open to you.

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