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Work Options in the USA

On a J-1 visa, you can do any kind of work in America. But the nature of the programme means that as a student or gap year traveller, you are likely to be looking for the sort of temporary work that doesn't need you to be fully qualified or very experienced.

American cities offer plenty of opportunities for paid work with temping agencies or major employers. If you have good office skills then use them to earn some cash while you are in a city. If you have worked in a bar before you can pick up bar work much more easily in cities than you can in the mountain resorts, where everyone is after the same job. Retail work is also easy to find, particularly in the run up to Christmas.

The majority of work in America fulls under one of the following types of work and we have concentrated on these types of work simply because they are the areas that are most likely to require your skills!

Au Pair JobsAu Pair Jobs in the USA

Au Pair work can be very rewarding and you can get to experience American life by being part of a family. However you need to be aware that in America you will need to find Au Pair and Nanny work through a sponsoring agency.

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Ski JobsSki Jobs in the USA

There is a variety of different job options available at ski resorts including bar and restaurant staff, guest services, parking attendants, cashiers, retail staff, room attendants and, of course, ski and snowboard instructors.

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InternshipsInternships in the USA

Internships are work experience programmes which are offered by different companies. To do this type of work experience then it is important to ensure that you have the right visa to do this.

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PlacementsPlacements in the USA

Some companies will offer paid work placements in America. It will be up to you to pay for them to sort out the placement. But once this is done you won’t need to worry about transport or accommodation as they will arrange this for you.

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Language SchoolsLanguage Schools in the USA

Wherever you decide to go in America you will always find that there is a demand for language skills. English is spoken the world over and if you want to teach English or another language to both adults and children in America then look for work opportunities in language schools.

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Temp & Office WorkTemp & Office Work in the USA

There’s plenty of work in many of America's businesses where you can experience a different work mix and culture. If you are heading for San Francisco then don't forget that you will be trying to find work in the world's leading centre for new technologies, research and development, because it’s the nearest big city to the 'Silicon Valley' area.

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Hotel WorkHotel Work in the USA

With tourism being a massive industry in the US, there are many hotel jobs available to travellers and backpackers. Whether you want a front of office role or want to work behind the scenes at a hotel, the opportunity to do so is available to you.

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Bar & Restaurant JobsBar & Restaurant Jobs in the USA

As you would expect, the USA is one of the world's most happening places and there's plenty of bar and restaurant work available. You could find yourself serving in some of the most trendy bars and restaurants that America has to offer.

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Summer CampsSummer Camp Jobs in the USA

Why not take a gap year to America and have a job lined up before you go? There is summer camp work available through organised schemes.

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