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Volunteering in Canada

Wildlife in Canada

There are many organisations which you can pay to help you organise your placement, accommodation and visas in Canada. Not only that but they can also provide great back-up and support while you are travelling and many of these organisations offer volunteering placements in Canada.

Below we look at three of the most popular volunteer opportunities that are taken by gap year travellers to Canada.

Volunteering Opportunities in Canada

Volunteer Conservation and Wildlife Projects in Canada

There are many organisations which run volunteer wildlife and conservation projects for gap year travellers. So, if you are interested in activities such as looking at the impact of climate change on the environment and/or local wildlife, then you should look for organisations that send volunteers out on scientific research projects. These types of projects are common in Canada, making Canada an ideal destination if you want to learn and help protect the environment and the animals within it. This type of volunteer project is also ideal for those wanting to gain work experience working alongside scientists and for those who want be challenged physically and mentally by the work on offer.

There are also a number of opportunities to work as a volunteer in one of Canada’s National Parks. Some of these volunteer opportunities can be taken as a holiday for a few weeks rather than as a year-long project and will involve dedicated work in conservation fieldwork.

Volunteer Projects with Children and Social Care in Canada

As with most destinations there are many volunteer placements that can be found in the field of social care and looking after children. There are placements to be found in destinations such as Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and other areas across the country with the opportunity of getting involved in working in schools, care homes, medical establishments, environmental offices as well as for outdoor activity companies.

Volunteer with a Charity in Canada

Alternatively you can volunteer with a charity while you are in Canada. Canadians are keen on charity volunteering and there are plenty of charity volunteer networks available.

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