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Volunteering in Europe

Orphanage Work in EuropeDependent on where you go in Europe you will be greeted by a different culture, way of life and almost certainly a different language. If you therefore want to undertake a gap year volunteer project in Europe you will need to think of where your existing skills lie as well as what new skills you want to develop and add to your CV. You also need to seriously consider whether there will be any language barriers that could hinder your experience along the way.

Volunteering Opportunities in Europe

Volunteer Conservation Projects in Europe

If you want to experience a conservation environment where you can see some of the worlds most endangered species from flora to fauna and to animals then you should consider volunteering in Europe. Many gap year travellers dismiss Europe as a place to volunteer but it has just as many areas of outstanding beauty as any other continent and it could be argued that it is the most diverse. Conservation projects that are available include working in a nature conservation in the Mediterranean, dolphin and whale researching in the Adriatic, rehabilitating ill birds in Croatia and studying the sea turtle population in Greece.

Volunteer Teaching Projects in Europe

There are many opportunities to teach English in Europe be this through language schools in Europe or through volunteer projects in the local community. Typical countries where volunteer teaching work is in high demand includes Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Denmark and the Czech Republic.

Volunteer Projects Working with Underprivileged Children in Europe

If you want to work with children and in the field of childcare gaining a vast amount of on-hands experience then Europe will offer you the opportunity. And if you are particularly interested with helping underprivileged children then there are some nurseries, care homes and orphanages in countries such as Romania who take on gap year volunteers. The work undertaken by the volunteers will include teaching English, playing games and caring for the children. This is a truly rewarding gap year but one that mustn’t be taken lightly as the hardship and poverty you will see can be heart-breaking.

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