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Volunteering in New Zealand

Conservation in New ZealandNew Zealand is a place of unspoilt beauty with stunning scenery from snow-tipped mountain peaks to rugged coastlines with inviting beaches. For those seeking a volunteer placement in New Zealand this is the ideal place for those who love the outdoor lifestyle and want to enjoy and learn about the environment and Kiwi way of life. The environment and habitat is usually the major draw for gap year travellers looking for volunteer work however there are other outdoor volunteer projects such as private reserve and farm work to attract interest.

Volunteering Opportunities in New Zealand

Volunteer Conservation Projects in New Zealand

A conservation project in New Zealand allows you to experience a unique environment which is home to rainforests and coastlines as well as mountains and volcanoes. If you are interested in getting involved in such activities as tree planting, road constructing, surveying the different plant and animal species in a region and at restoration projects, New Zealand is the place for you.  In all the work that you undertake you will be monitored by a team of professionals who you can learn from and enhance your knowledge in a variety of different conservation areas.

Volunteer Farm Projects in New Zealand

A volunteer farm project involves not only volunteering but living with a family on a farm and working with the animals. Farms can range from sheep, cattle or horse farms, so there are a few options to choose from depending on your interest. You will become involved in all aspects of farm-life and carry out duties such as feeding the animals, driving a tractor and moving the animals around the farm. If you want to volunteer on a farm and get to know this way of life there is no better experience available.

Volunteer Teaching Projects in New Zealand

If teaching children rather than working in conservation or with animals is more you, then New Zealand also has a fantastic range of volunteer children projects available. New Zealand is currently experiencing a shortage in the number of teachers available and therefore this has given volunteers the opportunities to become involved in teaching. If you have no teaching experience then you will need to start as an assistant to a teacher but this will give you a taste of what teaching involves and whether it is for you. This could be invaluable work experience for you both now and in the future.

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