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Volunteering in the USA

Community Volunteering in the US

Everything seems to be bigger and better in America and you could say that about the volunteer projects available here.

Whether you are interested in conservation, wildlife, working in communities or teaching there is a range of opportunities available. Taking a gap volunteer year in the US makes sense for many travellers as they get to experience America life in an English speaking country where ties and communication to home are not too distant.

Volunteering Opportunities in the USA

Volunteer Conservation Projects in the USA

Conservation projects in America include working at some of the most beautiful national parks in the world. As part of the volunteer team your duties will include looking after these parks be that by re-planting vegetation, maintaining tracks and paths throughout the parks, constructing and repairing fences as well as ensuring that any animals who live in the area are protected. These types of volunteer projects will ensure that you become involved not only physically in the protection of these parkland environments but that you learn about the vegetation and species of the area.

Volunteer Wildlife Projects in the USA

There are many wildlife volunteer projects throughout America with projects including rescuing and rehabilitating animals back into their natural habitat. This can be a rewarding project for those interested in learning about the wildlife indigenous to America as well as gaining valuable work experience to add to a CV about working with animals and veterinary professionals.

Volunteer Community Projects in the USA

Community projects in the USA are always looking for gap year travellers who are keen to lend a hand and volunteer towards their cause. There are many community-based projects in operation in America with the vast majority looking for individuals to help with such work as landscaping, painting, serving meals and assisting with recreational and outdoor activities. This type of volunteering can be hard work but by helping with this type of project you will know that your efforts are being felt instantly by the people and community you are working with.

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