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2012 Travel Resolutions

Saturday 31st December 2011

Where do you want to go this year? What destinations are on your 2012 wishlist? We've made our list of travel resolutions...


  1. Visit New Zealand. If you are heading to Australia, you have to plan enough time to explore New Zealand while you are there. Both countries are so massively distant, it would be a shame to go all that way and not visit them both. They are also so very different, with New Zealand being obviously smaller, but with so much to offer, especially if you are into the outdoors, and getting away from it all. 
  2. Discover a desert island. On any gap year trip, you need to chill on a beach. But if there is one thing that is sure to spoil a beach holiday, its having to share your stretch of unspoilt sand with loads of other people. Much better idea to set yourself the task of finding a truly remote spot, and seeing how long you can live like Robinson Crusoe without going mad with boredom. 
  3. Do something completely different. What's the point of taking a year out and travelling to new places if you just end up doing stuff you could have done at home? We intend to try new things on our travels in 2012. Scuba diving in Thailand, sail training in Sydney and samba classes in Brazil for starters?
  4. Before we go away this year, we will get organised. We will sort our visas, passports, vaccinations and insurance well in advance so it isn't a mad rush before we go.
  5. Visit South America and laugh in the face of the Mayan 2012 prophecies - or at least explore the Mayan ruins of Mexico and Belize as a kind of pilgrimage trip.
We will let you know how we get on with our resolutions for the new year - in the meantime, we wish all our Gapwork devotees a happy, prosperous and adventure-filled new year!