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25% of Travellers Over 55 are Now Planning a Gap Year

25% of Travellers Over 55 are Now Planning a Gap Year

Monday 3rd October 2011

Parents now enjoy worldwide travel on their own gap years

eTravel has reported that many of the parents of young gap year travellers are planning to join in the backpacking experience. Recent research by Post Office Travel Insurance has revealed that only 19% of cash-strapped students are currently considering a gap year or extended break, compared with a quarter of over 55s with savings.

Unlike twenty-year-olds today, many parents of a typical-age gap year traveller didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy a gap year when they left school. This is probably due to lifestyle changes over the past 40 years, which meant more pupils left school at a younger age to head straight into a job for life, and now those same people are now able to afford to travel abroad for longer periods of time.

These days, travelling abroad is much more affordable in terms of the cost of transport, and accommodation standards are much higher and the over 55s can enjoy a more luxurious gap year out.  So it’s not surprising that after a 25-30 year working career many people are making the decision take a longer spell of time to see the world than the traditional fortnight long holiday once or twice a year, although the research showed that their gap breaks were shorter than the younger generation on average just over three and a half months.

According to the research by the Post Office, the top 5 most popular gap year destinations for over 55s are:
1. Australia
2. New Zealand
3. United States of America
4. Singapore
5. Spain