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Actress Emma Thompson Heads Off for a Grown Up

Friday 26th November 2010

Gap years for older people are becoming increasingly popular.

Emma Thompson has recently embarked on a gap year, but in the process has been criticised for planning to include her daughters in her travelling adventures. Her daughters would have missed a significant amount of school in order to accompany her, so she scaled back her plans to travel when they were on breaks instead.

It may be debatable how appropriate a gap year for a school-age child may be, but adult gap years, like Emma Thompsons planned trip, are becoming more and more popular. Avoid a mid-life crisis by booking yourself a year-long break and make the most of escaping the doom and gloom of winter in the UK.

Many people dream of taking a sabbatical or a career break, and some are practically forced into it through redundancy because of the recession. In fact, apart from celebrities such as Emma Thompson taking time off to jaunt around the world, ethical gap year provider GapGuru has recently suggested that people might even use gap years to enhance their employee skills too.

If you’re interested in advancing your language skills, volunteering in a medical, teaching, or conservation area, take a look at the huge range of community development, sports activities, and gap year jobs available on Gapwork.com today.