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Adventure travel specialist Oasis Overland has added a departure date to their Trans Africa Expedition

Monday 16th August 2010

Due to high demand, adventure travel specialist Oasis Overland has added a departure date to the epic 40 week Trans Africa Expedition.  The new departure starts on 14th November 2010 and costs £3650 plus a local payment of US$2370.

The ultimate in adventure travel, a Trans Africa overland expedition traverses the entire continent.  Travelling across deserts and through rainforests, along unmade roads with crater-like potholes, into crowded cities and remote villages, the group truly get off the beaten track.  During the journey from Morocco to Cairo via Cape Town, participants shop in local markets, cook over open fires and camp in the African bush.

Few operators offer the expedition these days as logistics can be difficult.  The trip rarely goes exactly as planned with border closures, changes in visa requirements and impassable roads often affecting the route and timing.  For most, this is part of the experience and Oasis Overland is proud to be able to offer the expedition to travellers who are looking for real adventure.

The trip price includes all transport on the Expedition truck, all camping fees and camping and cooking gear, some meals, the services of the Oasis crew and some excursions e.g. Mole National Park in Ghana and the Pyramids and Sphinx in Egypt.

The Trans Africa Expedition departs in November each year.  It is possible to join shorter sections of the journey, for example 23 weeks UK to Cape Town.  The Trans Africa Expedition is a true adventure gap year, to find out more visit the Oasis Overland website.

Gapwork Gap Year Tips: Spice up your itinerary

It is very rare that your gap year volunteer or work placement will fill your whole gap year and we recommend that you make time for some adventure! There are lots of options available to you when planning your itinerary so why not add a few weeks on the end of a placement for an adventure holiday trek so you can really experience the country you have spent so much of your time in. Alternatively some gap year organisations combine typical gap year volunteer placements with exciting expeditions and treks that really get your adrenaline racing.

To find out more about adventure holidays, tours and treks visit our Adventure section.

Gapwork Gap Year Expedition Tips: Make sure you are insured!

Getting the proper insurance is important for any expedition, trek or tour you take, and if you get a job as a tour leader it is unlikely that your employer will cover your insurance (so ask if you are unsure!). A good gap year or backpacking insurance policy will be tailored to your needs. On an expedition, trek or tour you are likely to be travelling light and living out of a rucksack, so most backpacker travel insurance policies do not insure luggage for a huge amount. The medical cover you receive is much more important and you should ensure that your policy covers repatriation costs, so you can be flown home if you become seriously ill.

For more information on gap year and backpacker travel insurance, check out our Travel Insurance section.