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Are You Cool Enough for Wellington?

Thursday 16th February 2012

The latest campaign for New Zealand tourism wants to shake perceptions of a ‘boring’ and sheepful country

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The latest in a series of attempts by the New Zealand Tourism Board, to boost their already-strong tourism sector, has advertised their capital Wellington as a Capital of Cool. Air New Zealand has launched a campaign called ‘Kiwi Skeptics’ in order to get people from all over the world – Australia primarily – to get over their scepticism of New Zealand being a boring place full of sheep and old folk, not at all for the young hipsters and party animals of the world.

The campaign has launched some videos on YouTube that show some of the ‘skeptics’ on a guided tour of New Zealand. The hipster video shows a young Aussie who believes himself the essence of cool, being guided around all of Wellington’s coolest spots. These included around four hard-partying bars, including Mighty Mighty and the Matterhorn, two clothing shops selling only the most suave and hippest of gear, and a visit to a very sheik, vintage-looking cinema. The base of their operations was the Museum Hotel Wellington, again very vintage, extremely plush, and although I’m clearly overusing the word, very cool.

As you might expect, the New Zealand agnostic was turned into an avid believer. Despite not even knowing he was to be staying in Wellington beforehand, and actually being quite worried (silly sceptic), he had one of the times of his life. You can check out the full itinerary and the now former sceptic’s views on their website, or just check the video right here. You’ll be able to jealously look on whilst he buys a ridiculous amount of clothes, party’s hard every night and sleeps off his hangover in one of the hands-down most magnificent hotels you’ll ever set eyes on.

Look out for the dodgy hair-do’s (or maybe they’re cool, too) and the gorgeous beaches that could await you in New Zealand. Remember, though, you don’t need to live the expensive life of these hipsters to enjoy the beauty of the country, so see our travel page on New Zealand right here on Gapwork.