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Aussie Blokes Brand Bums By Bonfire

Tuesday 8th November 2011

Now there's a headline you don't see everyday...

If you needed another reason to go on a gap year trip or working holiday to Australia, here is a great one - because Aussie blokes are daft. Obviously not all of them, but we can safely say that Luke Moroney, 21, Blair Cooper, 21, and Joel Austen, 18 of Toowomba, Queensland, are topping our daftness chart for the week.

According to the Australian newspaper The Chronicle, The three mates had to call an ambulance after a drunken session round the bonfire in the early hours of Sunday morning. The reason for their emergency? After cracking open one too many tinnies, the lads decided to prove their friendship for each other by attempting to brand their backsides. Mr Moroney remembers using the dogs drinking bowl to cool down his blazing buttocks, but otherwise they have little recollection of why they thought it would be a good idea to brand themselves on the behinds.

To add insult to (self-inflicted) injury, the three were left redfaced when due to a miscommunication with emergency services, police and ambulances arrived with sirens wailing expecting a "explosion type incident with multiple injuries", but the emergency services personnel apparently saw the funny side when they realised there had been a mistake, "Some couldn't stop laughing and took photos on their iPhones," Mr Austen said.

Photographic evidence of the lads branding efforts suggests that they should stick to the day jobs. Gapwork obviously does not advocate such drunken stupidity on your gap year travels in Australia, but you've got to see the funny (back)side of this story...