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Backpacker and Gap Year Jobs in Australia

Friday 16th April 2010

The TNT website features a great range of seasonal and temporary jobs for a working holiday in Australia

Since it was established in 1990, the TNT Magazine has been an invaluable tool for backpackers and gap year students looking for work in Australia, don’t forget to look for your copy when you arrive on your working holiday! However, you can now find all the useful information held in a TNT Magazine online via their site dedicated to independent travellers. It’s a great website which we recommend you visit, full of useful information, tips and recommendations - but it’s also a very useful place to start looking for the seasonal and temporary job you need to fund your travel around Australia!

A visit to the home page will immediately point you in the direction of travellers stories, by backpackers for backpackers - ideal to get a feel for a gap year or working holiday in Australia. The Party Zone is also worth a visit to check out what’s on in the area while you are staying.

The TNT job search section will allow you to search by City and Town - perfect to target that gap year or working holiday job you are looking for. The job section also has useful tips and articles on looking for a backpacking job in Australia - whether that is harvesting and farm work, office work or a job in a pub, club or restaurant.

Gapwork Gap Year Student Jobs Tips: Working Down Under

Each year there is plenty of work available to travellers in both Australia and New Zealand, but you have to time it right, work hard to get the job AND work hard once you have the job! Our advice is to use your skills: if you have office experience, look for office work or contact a job agency; if you have hotel, bar or restaurant experience, send your CV to local hotels, bars and restaurants. Remember though that under the terms of the Australian Working Holiday Visa you can only work for 3 months with any one employer, so temping agencies may be your best bet. In all larger cities there is a well-established supply of, and demand for, temporary staff with working holiday visas.

Other types of work which are on offer to backpackers include Harvest work, work in ski resorts plus special qualification work such as teaching and nursing.

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