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Best Buffets in Boston for Hungry Travellers

Sunday 26th June 2011

A Hostelbookers round up of Boston eateries

Boston is a food-lovers’ paradise – a city equally famous for its Boston Baked Beans as its succulent Maine Lobster. Of course, for those more enamoured of the latter delicacy, the International Boston Seafood Show in March is a perfect time to visit. Once you’ve booked your Boston hostel, entry to the show typically costs £19, although can go up to £280 for a Gold Passport ticket (including access to a Shrimp Forum and Seafood Business Summit!)

Alternatively, you could always get your requisite seafood fix at one of Boston’s many street-side cheap eats. Check out a few of our favourites...

Bocca Bella
Opened in November 2010, Bocca Bella is already making a name for itself as a little piece of Italian heaven. The cuisine is remarkably cheap, authentic and changes every night, although you’ll almost always find the requisite pasta, seafood, meat and eggplant Parmigiana on the menu. What’s more, every mouth-watering meal is lovingly homemade by owner Mario Boccabella…and he’s not giving away any of those secrets! Cost? £10-£15 per person. Location? 442A Lexington St, Auburndale.

To be fair, Simco’s doesn’t look like much from the outside. In fact, this Boston institution tends more to the ’hot dog stand’ than the ‘cheap café’ per se. But hey, in saying that, it’s one hell of a hotdog stand! You’ll leave swooning over a chilli cheese dog which has been lovingly placed in its grilled buttered bun…two words: culinary perfection. Cost? £4-£9 per person. Location? 679 Canterbury St, Roslindale.

Seafood lovers rejoice! Unlike the majority of ’meaty’ Brazilian restaurants, Muqueca specialises in fish and shellfish from Brazil’s Atlantic Coast. The result is, quite simply, mouth-watering. You must – repeat must – try the moqueca seafood stew of cilantro, tomato, onion, fish, shrimp and mussels all served up in a clay pot. Ditto on the Seafood Pie. Oh, oh, and don’t forget the Deep Fried Red Snapper! Actually, you know what, just try it all. Cost? £15 per person. Location? 1093 Cambridge St, Cambridge.

James Hook
Finally! We’ve found it! Lobster that you can actually enjoy without feeling sea sick at the price tag! While not a restaurant per se (more like a shop with tanks and a few chairs), James Hook is a busy wholesale seafood operation where you can score some of the best (and cheapest!) lobster rolls in the city. Other favourites include Lobster Ravioli, Boston Lobster pies and Fresh Lobster salad…all for less than £20 per person. Cost? From £8 per person. Location? 15-17 Northern Avenue, Boston.

Want to save your pennies for those lobster meals galore? Bypass the expensive resort, book a budget hostel and have the cash to splurge on more Muqueca Seafood Pie. Sounds like a plan!