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Drunken tourists break into SeaWorld, penguin found roaming canal.

Monday 23rd April 2012

Two British men and one Australian have been charged with stealing a penguin, that’s right, a penguin, from a Sea World theme park on Australia’s Gold Coast. The men - who have yet to be named - somehow broke into the park in the middle of the night, evading all security, and stole a small fairy penguin from its enclosure.

The two Brits will be charged with the theft of Dirk, the small bird, and the Australian with trespassing, stealing and unlawfully keeping a protected animal. The three men are said to have woken with crippling hangovers the day after the incident, only to find a Mr. Hopper-type scenario in which they found the little guy in their rented flat, and couldn’t remember the theft. Panicked, the three released the protected penguin into the wild, into a nearby canal - but only after posting photos and a video of their antics on Facebook.

The question is begging: How on earth did they slip by Sea World security in the middle of the night, whilst intoxicated, and get out with a small, furry souvenir? Not only did they p-p-pickup a penguin, they also took advantage of their free entry by stripping off their clothes and swimming with dolphins in the dolphin enclosure. No joke. It is a wonder how security missed not only their break in, but also the fact they stayed in the park and managed to get up close and personal with the animals, and then back out again. The theme park have since issued a statement, saying although this is the first incident of its kind in the history of the park being open, over forty years, they will be reviewing all their security procedures and implements - something sure to put some worried animals’ minds at ease. Joking aside, it does make you wonder what genuine criminals could have achieved if three drunk, young men could slip through security so easily. That being the case it could be seen as a lucky escape for the theme park, and served as a good example for similar parks to possibly review their own security.

You will be pleased to know that little Dirk was discovered by a couple walking by the side of the canal the next day, who in due course discovered that a penguin had been stolen and got in touch with Sea World. The drunken misdemeanour from the three men, aged 18, 20 and 21, has earned them a date in court next month, as well as an incongruous reputation. It was one of their friends on Facebook who alerted the authorities as to who the perpetrators were, after seeing the uploaded video.

No doubt there will have been many ‘happy feet’ as Dirk was returned to his friends and family, and the three men now have more than just a hangover to deal with.
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