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BSES Expeditions Needs Young Explorers for Himalayan Adventure

Monday 9th May 2011

Women aged 16-20 needed for environmental research expedition to the Himalayas

The British Schools Exploring Society (BSES Expeditions) is calling for budding young explorers to join a five week expedition to the Indian Himalayas this summer.  All 16-20 year olds can apply for this life-changing experience, and the charity is urging prospective explorers to get their applications in before the April deadline.  The Society is particularly keen to encourage female mountaineers to balance the expedition team.

Mountaineering experience is not necessary, but an enthusiasm for the outdoors and a passion for exploration are key, as participants will be camping and trekking in one of the world’s greatest mountainous regions whilst undertaking worthwhile science research into human physiology at altitude, surveying the region using GIS technology, and studying flora and fauna for WWF India.

BSES Expeditions is a national youth development charity with over 75 years’ experience and a credible history in taking young explorers to remote wilderness regions.

Young explorers will experience high altitudes of around 6,000 metres and at least one peak is hoped to be a first ascent – great for the CV of any budding climber.  As an active member of a research team based in the Thanglasgo Valley, the young people will learn the art of surviving in such a remote and demanding environment.
The Expedition

The once in a lifetime journey begins after a brief stop over in Delhi, before flying over the Greater Himalayan ranges to the capital of Ladakh, Leh.  This is one of the highest cities in the world and the team will spend three days acclimatising to the altitude of 3,500 metres and exploring the culture.  This period is key, as it allows the body to adjust to the oxygen levels in preparation for the climbing and higher altitudes that will be experienced.  From here, they will travel to Hundar Dok to spend three days trekking through the dramatic landscape to set up a base camp, for further acclimatisation and training before setting off in groups to begin research and adventure projects.
The Science

Human interaction and impact on the environment is the main theme of the fieldwork.  Split into two parts, the first will study high altitude physiology and the effects of altitude on the human body.  The environmental science will investigate the human impact on the mountain eco-system, determined by conducting census and survey work.

BSES Expeditions welcomes applications from individual young people.  All prospective young explorers need to do is email info@bses.org.uk or visit the website.

The closing date for this summer is 4th April 2011, and applications from girls are particularly encouraged.

Because of the age range for this particular expedition, this unique opportunity is ideal for students just finishing their GCSEs, AS or A2 exams, people who want to develop mountaineering skills and scientific research techniques, or whose dream is to visit one of the most remote parts of the world.  It is also a fantastic way to start a gap year.

For more information visit www.bses.org.uk