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Burma Earthquake Strikes People and Buildings

Thursday 10th March 2011

More than 60 deaths reported in Burma

News reports about yesterday’s strong, 6.8 earthquake in Burma, say at least 60 people have died as a result and over 100 buildings have been destroyed. Aftershocks have been causing panic in Thailand and Laos but no major damage has been reported in those countries. However in Burma over 600,000 people are thought to have been affected and the death toll is expected to rise as more than 100 were injured in the violent tremor.

The Financial Times said that the Red Cross hospital in the Burmese town of Tachilek has suffered some damage but local volunteers have been trained to offer support and first aid to residents in need.
The quake has shaken the countries along the borders of the “Golden Triangle” area, where Burma, Thailand and Laos join, and caused cracks in roads, evacuated homes, power cuts and communication problems.

If you are travelling in the area make sure you check the latest Foreign Office advice for the country.