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Can Gap Work Really Help Your Future Career?

Wednesday 19th September 2012

Gap Years and CareersMany people tend to view gap years as a “jolly”, where a traveller decides to have fun for a year, see the world, meet new people and experience a new way of life. However, these views are very different in many of the country’s top companies. They look favourably on employing gap year travellers as they believe that they are more grounded, have developed greater inter-personal skills as well as other skills gained through such activities as volunteering and have more character.

Obviously these companies are looking at individuals who have decided to take on some form of gap year work or volunteering activity during their year out, but this is a pleasing sign especially in today’s competitive job market. So, for those who are looking to take the leap and take a gap year now, you should take heart from this.

Therefore when considering and planning a gap year it is important to think about how you will get the most constructive experience out of the year out on a work and personal level and to consider what skills you want to gain from taking a gap year to make you more employable in the future.

We believe that the main skills gained will be an increase in your confidence level along with your self-assurance, as you will be meeting and working with people from different countries and cultures. You may also learn a new language which many multi-national companies will be very impressed with and looking for in any new employee. These are all powerful employable factors that companies will be looking for on an individual’s CV.

It is also worthwhile remembering that if you know the type of career that you want before you travel then you should look to combine elements of your gap work with this as this will show employers that you are career focussed and know what you want to achieve.

Undertaking gap work is a big choice and for many gap year travellers it can take them outside their comfort zone but by challenging yourself in this way then the greater the sense of achievement you can feel and more favourable a future employer is likely to see you.

If you are unsure of the type of gap work options available then why not take a look at our dedicated gap work jobs pages or the different types of volunteer work available.