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Chalet Girl Top Tips from Natives.co.uk

Thursday 6th January 2011

The much anticipated Chalet Girl, The Movie

Chalet Girl is an ice-cool comedy packed with laughter, romance and kick-ass snowboarding. Starring Felicity Jones and Ed Westwick it’s been hailed as this year’s “Bridget Jones” and “Hilariously funny”.

As the leading ski season workers’ website, Natives.co.uk has teamed up with Chalet Girl, to help create their new Interactive Trailer here, including top tips from Natives!

Our vital tips include:

1.    Apply as early as you can. Recruitment for the season starts in May! Keep an eye on Natives.co.uk for all the latest jobs.
2.    Make your CV stand out, target it towards being a chalet host. Make sure it includes any cooking/cleaning/customer service experience you have.
3.    Lacking in cooking experience - do one of our Chalet Cookery Courses - not only will it make it far more likely you’ll get a job, it will also give you the skills and experience to help you make the most of it.
4.    Practise your menus before the start of the season - your friends and family will be far more forgiving of mistakes than paying guests. For recipe ideas check out the Natives cookbook.
5.    When packing the old rule applies - lay out everything you think you need and halve it. You do not need heels, you do not need that sparkly dress. For nights out think jeans and layers on your top half.
6.    The first few weeks of the season will be hell on earth. Do not quit. Once you get in the swing of things you will have a ball.
7.    There are 4 aspects of doing a season - working, skiing, going out and sleeping. You cannot do all 4 to extreme. Make sure you achieve a balance, but whatever you do make sure you get up the mountain.
8.    Take gaffer tape with you.
9.    A good alarm clock is a necessity.
10.    You’ll get out what you put in. Throw yourself into the season and you’ll have a great time.
Chalet Girl is the new British comedy with an all-star cast including Felicity Jones, Ed Westwick, Tamsin Egerton, Bill Bailey, Brooke Shields and Bill Nighy.  19 year-old ex-skateboarder Kim is working in a burger bar but finds herself a chalet girl job in a glam ski resort for the cash.  She can’t ski - and she doesn’t understand the posh world she’s in but when she finds an old snowboard, she begins to teach herself to board and finds that her skateboarding skills lead to a raw natural talent on the board!  She also starts catching the attention of the handsome Jonny (Ed Westwick), one of her bosses. Can she overcome the odds - and herself - to become a champion snowboarder & claim the man?

If you have any queries relating to working a ski season, then contact us at www.natives.co.uk