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Eco-friendly Gap Year Travel

Conscientious Eco-Travel on your Gap Year

Monday 17th October 2011

Environmentally-friendlier air travel may be closer than you think

Virgin Atlantic is going ‘eco’ and has announced that they are going to trial the world’s first bio fuel. The company has announced that it is helping to develop a low-carbon bio fuel that has half the carbon footprint of standard fossil fuels. Working in partnership with LanzaTech, Swedish Biofuels and Boeing, the airline is working on a unique process that captures, ferments and chemically converts waste gases from industrial steel production for use as jet fuel.

The gases would otherwise be released into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide.

Virgin president Richard Branson said: "We were the first commercial airline to test a bio fuel flight and we continue to lead the airline industry as the pioneer of sustainable aviation.

The airline has made a pledge to achieve a carbon reduction of 30 per cent per passenger kilometre by 2020.