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Don’t Get Stuck in A Country of Turmoil

Saturday 19th February 2011

Stay alert & safe when you travel abroad

As well as Britons being advised by the Foreign Office against non-essential travel to Christchurch in New Zealand due to the devastation wrought by the earthquake, travel companies are also warning backpackers, travellers and holiday makers about the invalidation of their insurance if they enter an ’unsafe’ country.

The current situation in Libya has focussed attention on the difficulties that rapidly escalating violence and political unrest has on travelling and most insurance policies do not cover you in these situations.

Therefore if you’re in a country with potential for problems you should keep up to date on what’s happening locally and on the world news. If it’s difficult to listen to the local radio because of the language barrier, try to gain internet access or listen to the BBC world service for essential and potentially life-saving news. Communications can be interrupted in times of turmoil, so don’t rely on having online or mobile phone access. Make sure you also have a list of contact numbers for British Embassies both abroad and at home to ask for advice.

The Foreign Office has a comprehensive list of countries that it considers best to avoid in the current situations. The UK government is currently trying to rescue many British people as possible from Libya due to the domestic unrest. While the British Embassy is working hard to make sure Brits have emergency passports and as much information as possible on the situation. Flights out of the country are limited and latest reports estimate that 500 British Nationals are still in the country.

Foreign Office Travel Advice