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The Maralink Eco-Volunteers Organisation are looking for pro-green volunteers

Sunday 16th May 2010

The Maralink Eco-Volunteers Organisation is a Pro-Green organisation that focuses in placement of International volunteers and Interns in the Kenyan local communities based projects and programs. They stand by the principle of re-inventing Eco-volunteerism.

The Maralink Eco-Volunteers major objective is to offer support to community based organisations through outsourcing and placement of international volunteer personnel and interns, contributing to local community development and intercultural interactions in Kenya.

The Maralink Eco-Volunteers appreciate the diverse talents and skills each volunteer is endowed with and want those who can offer such services as volunteers to come to Kenya and make a difference in the lives of under privileged children and communities.

The PEV(Post Election Violence) in 2007 distorted the tourism industry immensely but all is not lost neither is it too late. The Maralink Eco-Volunteers Organisation was established and launched in the year 2009, with an aim to restore the industry, protect the environment from global warming and advocate peace among the people of Kenya, you can help ensure this aim is realised.

The Maralink Eco-Volunteers Organisation guarantees all volunteers and interns quality placements and a a support team while on the Kenyan soil. They also provide eco-tour adventures before, during or after your voluntary or internship work.